Summer evening, this is the most beautiful time on the Dnieper. June 2020

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Every year in the summer, in the evening I like to relax after work on Rusanoskaya embankment. This is the bank of the great Dnieper River. I like the fact that rare plants and flowers are well looked after, there are a lot of beautiful plants that were brought from other countries, people take pictures and just do summer walks. There is a nice sandy beach nearby and you can already take sunbaths. I took some photos to show you all the beauty of the local natural landscape. It’s good that the quarantine regime was relaxed in the city, and now you can easily walk the streets and use public transport, but, unfortunately, there are very few people, people are still afraid of the virus.

It will take some time for people to return to the previous features of their life, something like a little rehabilitation after such psychological stress. I really want to see more happy and successful people, and I myself want to relax after home isolation. I am sure that everything will be fine now.
It seems to me that only summer can fully open for us all the beauty of local nature, the water surface and the sky attract me even more to evening walks.













I will not talk too much about all the nonsense that is here and in the media, they are trying to hammer into our heads. I want this post to be simple and positive, in one word I want to wish you all the best and, of course, wish you good health. Love yourself, take care of your borders, be polite and don't be afraid to say NO.

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Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51

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