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RE: Tried out my new macro lens 📷 Honeybee photos 🐝

in #photography6 years ago

I love bees so cute and so hardworking. Sometimes we rescue exhausted bees and we give them water and sugar and they resume their flight their day after. Lovely pics.


Yes, I do the same with bumblebees. They are such hard workers that sometimes they get stranded out for the night when it is too cold to fly. I will often find them on plants in the early morning waiting for the sun to warm them. A little honey or sugar water is a nice boost of energy for them.

Love bumblebees too they are so fluffy. Bees tend to like the colour of my hair but they have never stung me if untangled gently

It may not be the color but more the fragrance of the shampoo or conditioners you use.

Aww I always wear leafy green except for my yellow hair I look like a giant dandelion sometimes but guess you are right 🌱 They are my friends anyway

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