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Fire in the Sky

This was actually a pretty awesome shot! I just came home from work, sat at the table with my wife and daughter enjoying dinner, observing the western sky. The clouds were pretty dramatic at that day, as a storm was beating the region throughout the whole day - unfortunately everything was darkish grey and no light at all.
Dinner was just over, as the sun peeked below the clouds, painting the whole sky in a reddish glow. Wow! A quick Google search told me, that the sun was setting in 10 minutes - Wah! I jumped up like a maniac, telling my wife that I absolutely needed to go out there and capture this, as long as the sun is still there. Since I just returned from work, she asked me if I could take our daughter with me, as she was pretty exhausted and needed some rest.

Mhhhhkay, this adds a new layer of complexity, then. I hastily dressed her, grabbed my photo backpack and daughter and jumped into the car. After driving to the nearest vantagepoint, parking the car right inside some farmer's field (sorry), I unpacked my tripod, grabbed my daughter and set up the camera. With my daughter on one arm, I tried to adjust everything and was able to capture some amazing shots of the scene - my daughter even spotted her first rainbow on the opposite direction, looking with awe at all those colors in the sky.

This was highly magical - standing in the rain, enjoying that awesome scenery and sharing that experience with my daughter.

Thanks for reading - have an awesome Sunday :)

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Pretty nice sunset, that's the moment when the color explosion starts

Thank you! Yepp, Just love those colorful sunsets :)

The magic of the sky ... Great photo!