A Memorial to human arrogance

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A Memorial to human arrogance

I found this artwork of litter on a pretty remote beach on Fuerteventura. Seeing it shocked me, as that particular beach is actually far away from any mass tourism and did not include any human signs. To be honest, I'm not sure what this is - I suppose somebody was cynical enough to collect all the litter and decided to make at least something artful out of it.

It was so refreshing to experience nature as it is, without any human optimizations to it - until I stumbled over this pile of litter, reminding me that wherever you go, there will always be humans that don't give a shit about nature, throwing their stuff around - doing whatever they want.

Hell, even Mount Everest is full of crap from earlier expeditions now, because human nature demands conquering everything, by all means necessary. In the end, conquering nature itself won't work out in the long run, though ...

I suppose people should take a look through the telescope every now and then, see that M31 - Andromeda and see those fucking 1 Billion stars, just in this galaxy alone (Go ahead, zoom in - every single one of those dots is a star, not noise...), to be reminded how petty we are in comparison to nature.

Sorry for my ramblings...not particularly relaxed when talking about that topic :)

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It's very sad that many people don't care about our world, or simply don't understand that littering is not funny or artistic, it's just hurtful and shaming. And quite destructive to nature, too.
I hope people come to realize, soon enough, that we should take care of our planet instead of abusing it.
Beautiful photo, btw :-)

You're welcome to visit my profile, and follow if you like what you see there. I hope to keep in touch :-)

Thanks for your reply!