The Grasshoppers of Cone

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Hi all!!!

Grasshopper is a type of insect that is very easy to find on land and, in any country is very easy to find, the point is if there are green leaves, that's where they are, in forests, villages, and even urban areas where there are plants that grow and develop.

Insect experts say that grasshopper itself is a type of insect that has an imperfect metamorphosis, it is a surefire jumper sometimes it can jump 20 times far from its body size, it has two wings like birds in the wild but the wings are very rarely used because it never goes far from the plants where it is located, it can also fly like other animals but not as far as birds fly. He will fly if you want to go to other trees and even then with a distance of 100 meters.

This species of grasshopper insect is different from ordinary grasshoppers in general, the difference lies in the size of the body and physical form itself, a small body shape with a head shape similar to other wild animals, is a grasshopper that lives in wild plants. He always chose the place or nest in the location of small wild plants that grow oddly above the surface of the land. In general, it is always on seasonal plants such as pumpkin plants, and the like, which grow twice a year.

Residents here call it a cone locust, this is in accordance with the shape of the head that resembles a cone. This grasshopper cone has a very small size with a length of 1 cm while the width has a size of 0.5 cm. The green body color of young leaves if we do not pay close attention to them will not be seen because they often camouflage with the surrounding area, usually will disguise themselves with light green leaves that are found around their dwellings.

Cone grasshopper population is very small when compared with ordinary grasshoppers in general as much as 30% of the population of other grasshoppers. In general, its existence is the same as other grasshoppers, will become pests for plants, but its existence is very small in the area of ​​farmers' crop cultivation so it has not been said to be a pest, because it rarely consumes leaves even though there is but in a small capacity, sometimes it eats other small insects of the size his body is below standard.

Thus a brief description of the grasshopper cone whose existence is limited in every plant both wild plants and plants of farmers, may be useful for us all. Thank you very much.

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