The most delicious cake - jelly with raspberries

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Hello kittens! Are you hungry?

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Joke :))) Jokes aside. I take off my hat and present you a new piece of culinary art.  So I want to introduce you a raspberry cake

Very tasty, you lick your fingers =(^-^)=

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Cheese cake with raspberry jelly


Cookies or biscuits (ground) - 60 grams

Butter - 30 grams

Curd - 200 grams

Sugar powder - 3 tbsp. spoons

Cream fat - 150 milliliters

Vanilla extract - 1h. a spoon

Raspberry juice - 100 milliliters

Lemon juice from 0.5 lemon

Agar-agar is 4 g + 2 g.

Or gelatin - 10 g. + 4 g.

Raspberry - 100 grams

Method of preparation

The first crackers or biscuits should be turned into small crumbs mixed with butter at room temperature. Take the mold, you can buy a cupcake, you can anybody who is. On 1/3 of a form spread a crumb and crush. Remove to a cold place for 35 minutes.

Now make the jelly. We take agar-agar 4 grams, combine it with 30 milliliters of water and combine it with boiling cream. Stir and bring to a boil. Cottage cheese powdered with powdered sugar and vanillin. Warm agar agar is combined with cottage cheese and mix well.

Finished curd mass is divided into two parts and put in the forms where the child is. Send everything to a cold place.

In a lemon juice add agar-agar 2 grams and in a water bath bring to a boil. Then mix with raspberry juice and mix well. The jelly should be slightly warm.

Take mold with cottage cheese and pour raspberry jelly on top as you want. You can make a layer of jelly thicker, and you can be thinner, it's up to you. Send to a cold place for 25 minutes.

Our "cake-cottage cheese" is ready. Before serving, you can decorate with strawberries or raspberries. The dessert was successful. Bon Appetit.

Useful raspberry

Raspberry fruit is most often used for medicinal purposes. The healing properties also have raspberry leaves. The branches and roots of the plant are less often used.

Raspberries are most often used for colds. Jam, raspberry tea or infusion lower body temperature, relieve inflammation, eliminate cough and other symptoms and flu. With catarrhal diseases, raspberry eliminates the headache, improves well-being. You can use it as a proactive one.

Raspberry is a healing berry. It is rich in vitamin C and carotene, there are in its berries and sugar. Tea, filled with dry berries and raspberry leaves, is flavored with raspberry jam. Broths of flowers help with eye diseases, and raspberry syrup is used for stomach pain. From juicy berries raspberries cook many dishes: mousses, jelly, marmalade, pastille, juice and jam.

All the fruits of raspberries are called berries. However, from a botanical point of view, this is not so. The real berries are found in blueberries, cranberries, grapes. And here the fruit is completely different. It consists of many small "pieces", fused together. Each of them is very similar to the cherry size. Outside - a juicy pulp, inside - a small "bone". Such a complex botanical fruit is called a bone marrow. This kind of fruit we meet with relatives of raspberries - blackberries, bones, gnats, cloudberries.

Excellent taste and medicinal qualities, delicate aroma made raspberry one of the most favorite berries. From early childhood we know a wonderful song: "Sweet you, berry malinka." The fact that raspberry is sweet, we know not only us, but also bears and thrush - big lovers of red, juicy berries.

Bon Appetit!

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