Live a bright life, then there will be beautiful photos 🌸

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Hello Kittens!  Today, let's talk about how to make a good photo!

So, my advice:

I have a camera, but I rarely use it. Most often, I have a TV in my carmen than a camera on my neck :) We all know that on the way there can be something interesting, beautiful at the most unexpected moment.

The phone is the easiest tool for capturing events and emotions on a journey. However, the quality of the images obtained often leaves much to be desired.

Even if your photo is not so beautiful, it is painted in colors, as you like, everything can be fixed. You can use the photo editor.

  •  Add a vignette and shadow effect to make the photo brighter.

The effect of vignetting adds a dark border around the perimeter of the photo and brightens its middle. This is one of your favorite tricks. The original photo will be too dark, so you need to increase the saturation and add a little bit of sharpness. The main thing is to keep the photo natural.

  • Add light to the shadows and darken the light areas

Most photo processing tools have options for controlling light and shadows. And this should be used.

To improve a picture of nature, you need to balance the exposure by adding light to the shadows and slightly darkening the area of light.

  • Edit the image, and then return all settings back to 50%

It is very important.

The trick is to make your photo natural. Edit the image as you used to, and return all settings back to 50%.

Last year, Instagram users were able to control the effect of filters. To use these settings, simply select the filter, and then click it again.

  • Bad weather = great photo

Do not run away when it starts to rain or hail. These are excellent conditions for a good shot. Cloud and cloudy days are an opportunity to capture interesting patterns in the sky. Do not sit at home, even when the weather is flying.

  • Be ready to shoot even in the most unexpected moments

It is not always possible to carefully prepare for the shooting, there are also unexpected moments.

Therefore, if you do not want to miss great pictures, study the hot keys of your phone.

  • To get better shots, go ahead of others

The only way to open beautiful places is to get you to explore. Do you want to get non-standard footage? Go further from the crowded tourist destination.

  • When shooting landscapes, press the volume button to release the shutter.

Did you know that you can just open the camera on the iPhone and press the volume button to take a picture?

  • Hold the phone in the upright position when taking pictures

To simplify the task, keep the camera upright: it's easier for you to pick up everything you need for a frame in a square area. Even better, immediately adjust the camera to shoot only square images.

  • Try to take a picture, leaning out of the car window

You will never know in advance what will happen. In the case of the iPhone, just press and hold the shutter button and hold it to take pictures in burst mode.

Live a bright life, then there will be beautiful photos.

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