I will put my soul into the pictures I take! Flowers are a miracle created by nature. 🌸

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Hello kittens! = (^.^) =

Photographing flowers 🌸

Photographing flowers is probably the most popular type of photography in amateur photography. But very often the photos obtained after the photo session are disappointing, because for the photographing the difference between what the person saw and what results were in the end was too obvious. 

 How can you do to get photos of flowers that all friends will envy? I think that you already know how your camera works and figured out the settings.

It is well known that one of the most important elements of photography is exposure (whatever that means to you) and that windy days are not suitable for color photography unless, of course, the photographer is ordered to receive some special effects. 

Flower photos are art

Flower photographs can not be considered as mechanical work. A photo of flowers is the result of observation, meditation and expectation. You must understand how light works. Go back again and again to the same place, and your efforts will be rewarded by the fact that your photos will not pass, but will stop and will be considered. My drawings are living examples of this practice. Now you go and try to realize your dreams of beautiful floral photographs. 

Photographing with a thin layer of clouds softens the light from the sun, but sometimes when the weather does not allow, you can use the diffuser to control the contrast of the image and really get the colors of the best shades than with direct rays.

Of course, you could hear from advanced photographers that you need a tripod for shooting colors. Remember that rules do not always have to be respected. In the end, photography is creativity. 

I photographed flowers for my collection for everyone, this is a camera and a simple camera on the phone.I always carry the phone in my pocket. 

Sometimes I take a camera. Remember that your best camera is always the one that you have at the moment! 

In the picture above - a field flower, which grew at an intersection and was photographed on the phone. I just stopped the car at the curb and photographed lying on the ground. I did this, simply because I wanted to take a picture that would be different from what most people do. 

Once on your knees, you can get a completely different shooting point, unusual for a flower photo, which allows you to open new horizons in this type of photo.

One of the most important things that you need to remember is to change the point of view, the angle of the camera. Since I often visit squares and other places with flowers, I see how almost all fans of flower photography approach the flower, look down, take off and move on. This is very wrong! 

To really take good pictures of flowers, it's not enough just to get up, take a picture and go. Try to sit at the level of the flower and look at it. When you sit and watch, you will find more than a photographer passing by accident. You will learn to really see. 

Look around, try to find several possible frames around you without moving. 

I like! Imagine possible pictures and imagine how everything will look at the end of the photo session.Look around, try to find several possible frames around you without moving. I like! 

Stand on your knees or even lie on the ground - try to find all possible options for the relationship between the main object and the environment, because even the best flower will not be perceived without a proper background. 

Flowers are a miracle created by nature. Flowering is all beautiful. They are all different - large and small, lush and elegant, colorful and strict. 

I will put my soul into the pictures I take!

I hope I could make you happy with these photos. These photos will remain in my photo album forever.

I decided that I would continue to take pictures. Even because I like it. It seems to me that every time I like to take pictures more and more. I think that this hobby is not good enough for me. I will put my soul into the pictures I take!

And in any case, I will not be able to refuse taking photos. Otherwise I will not be able to share my drawings with you :) 

Take a few pictures to select one particular

You can distract and start shooting other flowers or objects that attract, but then you need to go back and look at the flower from all sides with a fresh look, and then again and again, as if removing the layer by layer from your view, each time looking at the more and more in detail. 

🌸🌸🌸Thank you for trusting me and supporting my work!🌸🌸🌸

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