Fire is neither good nor bad🔥🔥🔥 Fire is a friend🔥 fire is the enemy🔥

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Hello kittens! Today I want to present a hot message🔥

Different fire:

  • "Crackling in a fire or a fireplace" 
  • "burning in the eyes or in the shower"

Fire can be different, as in the literal sense of the word - "crackling in fire or fireplace" and in a figurative sense - "burning in the eyes or in the soul." A small work on the topic "Fire" describes this element in all its manifestations, prompting the reader not only to exercise caution when dealing with open fire, but also not to be afraid of the spark of a fiery spark of hope in the heart awaiting miracles.


Fire is always a symbol of strength, courage, love. The eternal flame on the obelisks of glory is a symbol of the memory of the heroes of the fallen wars, noting the unquenchable pain of loss and gratitude in our hearts for the great victory.

Flame of Fire

The flame of fire always aroused people's rapture and fear at the same time. In this element there lives some fantastic and unexplored force, forcing our hearts, and then freezing from the unbridled force of fire with alarm, then tremblingly fought in a flash of fiery tongues of fire.

Fire is the source of heat and light.

Fire is the source of heat and light. Man has been using it since time immemorial. Ancient people fired fire with a stone and a dry tree, which constantly warmed, cooked food, lit their shelter and protected it. The fire was frightened by wild animals. Now he is our assistant. The fire is beautiful. We like to look at the flame and get to it. Without fire, our life seems empty.

Fire can be dangerous.

But fire can be dangerous. Breaking the strength of man, it harms and destroys. Arising from a small spark, the fire can destroy an entire village, a large building in the city or in the forest.

We must protect this element, be careful and attentive with it.

Fire is neither good nor bad.

Fire gives us light, warmth, joy. But fire is neither good nor bad. Just without fire there is no life and fire, people and other living things can suffer. If the fire is not excited, it's very scary and terrible. Where there was fire, there is no grass, flowers, trees instead of trees or black headdresses. The earth is covered with soot. Many burns in such fires of small animals, insects, they do not have time to escape. The fire runs faster than they, and they perish. Fire causes pain and death, devours all life and inanimate in its path.

After such fires as man and nature are long and difficult to recover.

The word fire burns with fire and smells of bitter smoke.

The word fire burns with fire and smells of bitter smoke. In human life, fire plays an extremely important role. Warming of our houses, cooking, the development of science and technology - is associated with fire. But there was a time when people did not know fire. They ate raw food, they froze in winter, large predatory beasts attacked a man. Millions needed a man to learn how to get a fire and use it. Ancient people worshiped fire as an incomprehensible and formidable deity, a mysterious brother of the sun. This is reflected in numerous legends, tales and stories about the past.

Fire is a friend.

Possession of this greatest elemental force of nature allowed a person to provide himself with light and warmth. The fire helped him settle on Earth to overcome climatic conditions that are impossible for human life. Thanks to the fire, the dependence of man on nature decreased more and more.

Without fire, life on earth is impossible. This is necessary everywhere: in homes and schools, in factories and factories. To produce a knife, a tractor, a car, a diesel locomotive, you need metal. The fire melts the ore, helping a person get metal. The fire sets in motion steamships, cars, dump trucks, rockets. Steam, extracted by fire, electricity, which gives heat, energy, light, makes life easier for man.

It is interesting and ... dangerous.

The beginning of the summer coincides with the abundant flowering of the poplar. Streets, courtyards and squares are covered with poplar fluff. For guys, this fluff - a subject of fun: it is worth bringing a match - and it flares up like gunpowder. The fire runs along it, like a cord on a bikford. It is interesting and ... dangerous. It is possible to give many examples when, flushing from a childish prank, the fire "ran" through the downy tens of meters and finding a suitable "food", flared up with a fire.

Work of fire safety

Expensive this kind of fun. On such days, more often than usual. Fire safety now and then leave on urgent calls.

It should be borne in mind that it should be borne in the mind.

Even after such global upheavals, we still love and revere the fire, because without this, the fourth after the water, air and earth, the elements will not have the fifth element - the Man himself.

Be careful!🔥🔥🔥

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