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Finally, I am satisfied with the result.

Not the first work, but the first where I'm more or less satisfied. In other arts something always went wrong. Gradually I will upload them. 

It would be logical to keep count of drawings from the beginning of the year, but I somehow forgot , and so I start with this art.  The meaning is lost, but let's see how much work will be by the end of the year. 



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This one is amazing!

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thank you friend

Very nice. Waiting for more (=

I will try to share the result today or tomorrow. Art is ready. I finished it at 2 am)) Now watch the video process

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Courtesy of @nmalove

Is this finished? The flowers are still not coloured so I will look forward to seeing them painted :D Very beautiful drawing, @yakubenko! The way you apply the colours is very beautiful <3 I love her skin tone and the flower that she's holding :)

Here is the process. I will send the finished result later ♥

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awesome artwork! It is lovely. Thanks to share with us!