Photo 52, 2020 Challenge —- Week 4, The Theme is Black

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Black is the color of the night, of infinite space and imagination.

Black is not a color; it absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them to the eyes.

When we shut our eyes, we are not blind. We dream and awaken to the world within, exchanging sight for insight.

A poem of mine, below:

The Night, The Night...

the cinematic power in a drop of water
crashing against the stomach of a sink
smashing into iridescent pieces
scattering in resplendent shards

the torrid affair in the crease
of a week-old newspaper,
the tumbling creatures
in crumbling alabaster

unrealized populations materialize
undisguised before imperturbable eyes
creep in and out of a carpet pattern
once more irretrievable in the weave

come somber twilight hour
with its vanquished armies
a procession of angels, subdued
violent silver and violet diffused

a clandestine encounter
between a room and a candelabra
the four walls a shadow box
a profusion of unhinged imaginings

furtive fugitive figures
emboldened emerge
merge and converge
with a dark eloquence

a great whorl of specters
consecrating sacred pacts
enacting blasphemous acts
confidential, conspirational

monsters of darkness
huddled here or there
shoulders and knees
crammed in corners

the night, the night
with all its bewitching might
conduit for reveries
and gently taunting madness.

© Yahia Lababidi

This is my entry for @wwwiebe/@photo52’s contest


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I appreciate your support 🙏🏼

Awesome picture and poem! I really like them both. This year is primarily a photography contest with a creative bent, but yours is not the first entry to make me think about adding new parameters for next year! Love it!

I’m grateful for your warm words of encouragement & glad you appreciated my post, in its fullness!

I feel that the arts are all connected; one leads to another and we (sometimes) need more than one to express ourselves, creatively.

Humbling to hear you will take this into consideration for the future.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Can I ask you what this means?

Well, it was supposed to summon a bot to give you a token for entering the contest, but it appears the bot is down. This saddens me. I'll need to fix that. Thanks for asking and pointing it out! I'll get it fixed tomorrow.

Thanks, for letting me know... I’m still learning the ropes.

You have been given a PHOTOFT TOKEN of appreciation for entering the PHOTO52 contest!