Natural Photography. Photo No-36

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LOCATION: Monpura Village - Tangail - Bangladesh.
DEVICE: Xiaomi Redmi 4x

There are many types of trees in Manpura village, among which there is a variety of coconut trees. There are lots of coconut and coconut trees here. In this village people who are permanent residents do business in coconut. The coconut trees here are very beautiful. All coconut trees have shown the nature very beautiful.

For those people who are living in Bangladesh and planning to travel, I want to say that you can definitely go to Manpura village. If you want to go to this mind-burning village, then you must go to Tangail district and from there you can go for an hour to go to this mind-burning village.


I love natural photography !🔥🔥

Have you bought a new ride along with your Xiomi Redmi :p

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