Simpler times

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I want to share with you today a photo that was take in 2008. Please excuse the poor photo quality as it was taken with my mobile phone the LG EnV. This photo brings me back to a time that was much more simple where I had much less responsibility.



Thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time to look! Thank you!

I understand what you're saying--it's not a professional photo, but I like the composition and the feeling. It seems to me that you did a good job of recognizing a moment and capturing it with what you had on hand, even if what you had was a limited instrument.

Great pic @xailer. Keep working on it and make us feel astonished with your photos. Greetings.

Nice picture, It conveys a bit of nostalgia ;) Greetings!

It looks alright to me. Where is that?

Rockford IL by the Rock River. Thank you so much!

Nice to meet you. I'm from Philly.

I like the shot. Really atmospheric. A single unique moment captured. Thanks for the follow, I have followed you.

Thanks for the follow back! And thank you so much for the kind words!

No need to apologize for the quality of your photo, it's obvious that you were attempting to capture a memory the best that you could with what you have. Thank you for sharing a moment of your life on your blog that took place during your simpler times. :). It looks like the area is a nice place to go for an evening walk. Do you have a different camera now? if so, which one?

It is a very nice area for walks. I used to take walks there all the time when I was younger. Unfortunatly the crime in that area isnt under the best control so its not as safe to walk too late nowadays. Right now I do not have a camera just the one on my phone. Do you have a camera? Thank you so much for the post!

Yes, I have a camera in my iPhone, a GoPro, and an old film Nikon. I think I might have my Nikon serviced and use it to fill in the gaps. Last time I used that was 10 yrs ago, it is now a 30 year old camera, lol. When I used it 10 years ago, I was on a horse riding trek in the mountains in VT, cell connection was horrible and my cell phone pics didn't look right, weird. Good thing I had my film Nikon with me, I wound up taking some nice photo's with it. I might purchase a DSLR in a month or two.

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Cool! I follow you.

You're great, using Mobile and having Detteil's photos and giving stories first, amazing

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