Thinking out of the box FRIDAY BLUE Color challenge

in photography •  6 months ago

For a long time now steem-mates have been taking wonderful photos for the daily color challenge. In most cases its been beautiful flowers or landscape . So I was thinking let me be different and think out of the box. so today my contribution is an electric iron. Something everyone hates but can't do without.

The history of the clothing iron dates back to the 1st century ,it was in china that a pan like instrument was used. It was heated in boiling water. I think they used boiling water to heat this instrument because boiling water doesn't leave burn makes that would stain the clothing. What wisdom people have even back then.

Mush later around the fifteenth century, a hot box was made from metal a box looking hollow unit with a smooth bottom and a grip. They would add hot coals inside and this would heat the base ,making it easier to straiten the creases of clothing.

In 1800's a gas iron was made . The flame form burning the gas inside a unit was at that time used . This was dangerous and sometimes the units would bust and fires would burn entire home.

Electrical irons where only made around 1880 by by Henry W. Seeley in 1882. this was the birth of the electric iron or the iron as we know it .


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