I Think There is Laundry Detergent in this Water?

My first thought of Ko Rah Waterfall was, is this safe to swim in? We'll I did, and I'm still here to write about it. But doesn't that water look like Laundry detergent or something. Some pools were more blue than others. I choose a more shallow less blue pool to cool off in. But I certainly haven't seen water this blue and non-transparent before in my life. Kinda had me thinking there was a laundry detergent factory up-stream or something. But after see plenty of healthy fish swimming all over, I figured this is just nature doing what it does. Now come and have a look for yourself!


Photo Credit: World Travel Pro Pro!

May water polluted by some entrepreneur :) I hope you have got patience to discover all those things

Thank you! Hope you are having a good day!

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