Honey, I've Got to Take the Buffalo for a Walk!

That's what I love about travel. You just see things you've never seen before on a regular basis. It's a learning experience that really doesn't compare to any other. So this post is suppose to be "Real Life Captured #475" or something. One of the longest and most successful photo series on hive and steem, lasting about 4 years. Now in celebration of hivewatchers destroying my blog unjustly and ruining my reputation; I'm doing everything I can to spice it up! No more numbered blog posts, no more series, just new content 100%. Thanks for destroying my blog Hive Watchers instead of treating me like a human being, really appreciate it ;) And don't forget that they are full time active running money and people off the platform including my once 20,000 hive, under the guise of stopping plagiarism and spam. So, my days are numbered here apparently. But until I'm gone, enjoy this fun set of photos from Koh Phangan Thailand! And yes, the 6th photo down is two cats in a backpack :)


Photo Credit: World Travel Pro Pro!

There in Thailand monkey was entirely different when compare to our monkey



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