Friday Color Challenge - Baby Blue International Scout

in photography •  2 years ago 

This bad boy is a thing of beauty. Totally restored from scraps. I helped my friend lift the body off this car and drop it onto a different frame. He restored every piece of it from scratch after that. Power steering and power brakes install, custom sound, custom roll cage, it purrs like a kitten now!


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Beautiful clicks for theme Baby Blue @woodrow, a thumbs up and a resteem from my side and best of luck for #ColorChallenge

Thank you @raja !

nice comment...dear..

Amazing photography...
Nice place

wow...nice photography this place so nice.. thanks for sharing..

Sick! Awesome surf mobile and nice spot for a coffee :D

sick car :D where is it? are actually driving this through the mountains?

@exploreand this is in Malibu, California. Driving driving