Natural beauty

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This picture was taken while i was on the road to Durban, South Africa. It truly is a beautiful road to travel. 8 hours of nature drive and no cell reception. It is perfect for having family bonding time.



Ohh Really awesome bud! @wolmarans ... You are right , family will be so suited here and the same is here in Pakistan and I am planning to take family there.

Please have a glance on my Pakistan; thanks @wolmarans


This is my friend @sohailahmad2525 who is also from Pakistan.

very beautiful :) thank you. Will follow you

Amazing and wonderful! Nature is powerful :)

Really a good photo, in the right moment!!

its Awesome dear keep it up i like your work and follow you hope you will do good in feature thanks

Wow nice photograph. Looks totally professional! Great job!

Could be a set for the movie Lord of the rings

Very nice. I would love to visit africa one day.


Wow amazing click....I like it

Nice photo with beautiful landscape.
No cell reception means you can't call other people when you face difficulties during the road trip? That will be kind of dangerous especially travel alone

very interesting post....
thanks for sharing it...
upvoted and followed...!!!!!

Beauty of nature

Oh! what a great view!

Nice picture!
Nature is more beautiful than city :)

Amazing its a very nice photograph which brings a sence of freshness and joy . its a great job to refresh the humans . I am a nature lover. Keep it up

Sometimes we need to escape the reality and have quality time with the family!

Really beautiful picture of nature you share.Thanks for share nice post Wolmarans.

my God, what a gorgeous photo. thanks for the great post. very impressed.I is a very beautiful photo, timely captured.I am feeling freshed by looking at it.

@wolmarans i love to travel

Amazing landscape.

Nice. Nature is really beautiful.

Nice. Nature is really beautiful.

What a sight , this is stunning thankyou for sharing i have followed and upvoted you be nice if you could do the same , stay in contact i would love to see more from you , xx

The road is so beautiful.... Enjoy ur trip

interesting I'm following you I hope you can follow me and we will be supporting each other I will be aware of your new pos

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