Apologetic picture!

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Sorry about the picture being missing in the previous post guys. This is the picture that I was meaning to add to the post.

What a great time! I was with a bunch of great friends at this wonderful nature reserve in Krugersdorp South Africa. This hike is made for the family and even has an entertainment area for live shows and a fun time.



Awesome picture

Pure simplicity that reflects a great message. That's why they say that simplicity is enough to define anything. Congratulations! Photography Simple but very spectacular.

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It is a very buitiful picture!

This is amazing, I have love for nature seeing things like this makes me happy

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there is a very similar place in my hometown Abbottabad

Looks like a fun family adventure, would like to visit it someday maybe. Hope to see more pick from this

Must be getting some thunderstorms in the area this time of year from time to time. Lovely there.

i do like your pictures and a fan of photography. im not that good as you in attracting and perfecting images. big up. keep it up as we follow you.

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Amazing shot brother.. Keep up the good work.!

woww I love jungles of Africa ;)

Your experience is great, I am proud to see your post that is so classy .. Sometimes I think want to like you but I can not make a post like you .. very genius in that case .. I am amazed at your intelligence.

I love your nature post! thanks for sharing @wolmarans.

Very nice. You can appreciate nature more if you are with your friends and loved ones. This photo of yours reminds me of the tourist spots in Cambodia. It is really nice to be one with nature. It feels more calm and relaxing. Great post. Cheers! Keep it up :)

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it is great!!!! so envy

The jungle might be dangerous