My photo with Natalia + video from Retouch

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Hello Steemians!

Today I want to share with you a little older photo that I've made with Natalia in my home studio and a little video where you can see retouch details.

I wanted to practice backlight on a studio portrait in a beauty style, and work with my Canon 5d IV which I started using back then. Natalia is very interesting model with awesome tattoos, big eyes and lips. A perfect model for interesting beauty. We made quite a few great shoots back then, but now I would like to share with you exactly this one, as apart from normal retouch I also made a video where I try to explain what and why I do things on the photo.

For this particular photo I've used Canon 85mm 1.8 with settings ISO 100, 1/125, f/4.5. As I remember correctly I did use 2 flashes for it. Main light was put into a Softbox with Grid and second one as a backlight was shoot trough semitransparent reflector. I quite like to use softboxes with Grid and whenever I have enough power I try to use Grid attached to the light. It gives me more control and interesting shape over light than without it.


Video below I tried to divide into two sections, in first one I explain as good as possible what I want to achieve and second section is a speedup of my work. I tried my best with my english, but I'm not native speaker so please don't judge me too hard!

If you're interested in any details not covered in the article or on the video, please let me know in comments so I can hopefully create something more usefully for you in the future! Thank you for stopping by and everything the best for you.

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  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Like that you're doing Photoshop tutorials, something I intend to do when time permits. I haven't got time to watch it all tonight, I have to go out now, but I've bookmarked it to watch another day, good luck Pawel.