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Greetings, earthlings, yes, yes yes, I am again insisting on showing the wonderful creatures that make nature particularly beautiful, although some despise them insects play an important role in this world, yes sometimes much more than we humans who are so Believed and most of the time we contribute few positive things and judge these little beings, hahaha, yes of course I am a little crazy because I am not equal to most, but well someone has to say things, hahaha. Here I show you the colors of this friend who posed for us, he was somewhat busy cleaning his antennas, but still made time in his busy office schedule and let me see his best poses, all in order to collaborate, for a while stopped in this bush and walked through its flowers, my camera started to fail (it turns black and turns on and off, it has a loose lens, but it is semi-professional and the lens is fixed so I only tighten a few screws, but after a while it fails and I have not been able to take it to repair for the quarantine) and I could only take few photographs, but enough to try to show the beauty that blooms in that being.



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Every time I walk between the mountains (as we say to nature) I am thinking of finding insects to take pictures of it, the truth is what I am looking for the most, although at this time of year there is not much abundance of them in this area, for Being in the hardest stage of the summer, they migrated to a little cooler areas, here at this time everything is yellow, something dry for your taste.


I always like to take pictures of insects that have striking colors, they are very photogenic, and they call attention to the eye so they look great in the posts, because their shapes are so different from us humans that in my opinion that It is curious, at least to me and with the camera one can make those details stand out in order to see each detail well, something that also surprises me is the insects' resistance to shocks, they fall from distances that if we take them to On a human scale, it would be like we fell from a 20-story building and got up unscathed, every time I look at one it makes me think of this, I don't know why, hahaha

imagine if we had that resistance. The insects as I have mentioned some times in the publications that I make, have an important function in the reproduction of the plants, I think that is why I also like them a lot, especially my faboritas are the bees, with everything and that I am allergic to their sting and several times I have seen myself in this situation, hahaha, once I had a face like a monster and I needed medical treatment, because some people were castrating some bees and they rioted them and I was passing and they attacked me, but they did not blame them if not those people who bothered the bees, they are still my favorites.

Camera: Panasonic lumix DMC-FZ50.

Lent: Leica 1: 2.8-3.7 / 7.4-88.8.

Location: Villa de Cura.

Original photographs of willsaldeno, I do not edit the photos, because I like to put only what I achieve with the camera and not something improved with an editor.


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