Smoky Summer Days

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I live in BC Canada, and there are so many wildfires they have declared it a state of emergency. While I am not anywhere that needs to be evacuated or anything the air is very smoky. I woke up this morning and it was all yellow hued and dark outside so I figured it might be a good day to go to the beach for some photos.

My first image was edited so I made it much more cool toned, but as you can see here it was quite yellow out. People that follow my work know that I tend to go towards more moody themed images so the smoke over water is actually perfect for my typical aesthetic.


oh images are loading horizontal again. So weird.

I'm excited to edit the rest of these, and submit them for book covers. I think water themed covers always look nice.



Great images. The atmosphere that you've managed to capture, and the context of the ongoing fires is important to understanding the work in greater depth.

I feel like the second image could be presented upside down, if you blurred the horizon that's barely visible, and "airbrushed" out the buoys.

I think that would make a stunning diptych with the first image.

Thanks for sharing!

Yes I like to share my unedited photos, but I do edit them and take out distractions.

Amazing photos making use of this terrible smoke we have right now!

Yes, it's gross and hard to breathe for long, but it does provide atmosphere for photos so silver lining I suppose.

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That smoking shot is awesome! What a cool photo series. Great Job.

thank you, it is inspired by the wildfires all around my province. Inspiration from from crisis I suppose.

Damn, it seems like everywhere is on fire. I like that though, inspiration from crisis. That is a good place to start.