My New Website!

in #photography2 years ago


Earlier this summer I was out taking self portraits and ended up liking them so much I decided to use them as inspo for my updated website.

The color of the leaves are basically my favorite color so I felt like it was a good time to switch over all my social media profile and cover images.


I decided to start offering prints, I have open editions in 8x12 and 12x18 and limited editions in larger sizes all printed on Fine Art Watercolor paper. I ordered up a few proofs, and I am super in love with them. Aside from having them available for order on my website I am currently looking into markets where I can sell my prints.
Since I relocated to a small town through, I think I will mostly focus on online sales.

I used to create my website, and while I was frustrated at first I quickly got the hang of it. They seem to push using a template, but I couldn't find one that I really loved, so I did mine from scratch. It was intimidating at first, but it wasn't so bad.
They aren't paying me to promote their site or anything, just wanted to share my experience.

Come check it out:

As usual my images are also available on other products through my redbubble shop.

Tell me what you think of my new branding colors, and images? Any suggestions for my website?

maybe time to make up a new Steemit image as well