Behind the Scenes Video + Speed Edit : Fluttering Thoughts

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I wanted to re-create an idea that I did for fan art in a feminine and more whimsical manner. You can check out the original fan art inspo here:

I decided to live stream the self portrait photo session where I played with a few ideas in posing and talked about my process a little bit.

I also created a speed edit of the photoshop process so that people could see the entire process for this image start to finish!!

And for the people that really love it, it is available on products through my redbubble account!!

I personally do love how it looks as a floor pillow!



All I can say BRAVO, great and complex art work @wildempress.

Thank you 😊

I love your process. And I love butterflies in artwork as well, so doubly good for me.

Do you like redbubble? I have society6 which does pretty good,l but I'm moving a lot of my things to my own site, but I sold a few things on redbubble but then didn't keep up with it, so just curious how the experience with them has been.

I’m still pretty new with Redbubble. It’s been probably less than a year, I’ve made a few sales maybe a dozen or so. I liked the posting/upload process better than society6, which I started an account and never kept up with...and I tried zazzle before and never made sales there. So I do enjoy Redbubble and plan on sticking with it, I’m wondering though if it would be good to try again with society6 and do both? I know an artist locally who does great on society6 so maybe I didn’t give it a fair shot...🤷🏼‍♀️

OMG that pillow turned out amazeballs, dude! AWWWSOMe, ha ha I smashed the ugly dolls too when I was a kid. My mom inherited some creepy ones from my grandmother and ...oh man. Me and playing with the creepy dolls... oh man lol. They got fucked up ... real bad. Real bad. But I am a big girl now I don't smash/melt dolls these days.

My husband used to put his GI Joes on a hot light bulb and let the thing melt all over the bulb. Drove his dad nuts.

Lol! Oh goodness I’m so glad I’m not the only one that was a destructive child!!! 🤣😂

very pretty ! the composition and pose are really lovely, and the swarm of butterflies really complete the picture~ love the colours you chose to work with here, as well~