Behind the Scenes Video: Shooting Still Life for Book Covers

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I've mentioned before that I shoot photography for submission for book covers. One of the things I love about working for book covers is the vast subject matter that can be applied for this purpose. I have mostly shared about my fantasy composite work and doing self-portraiture but one of the other things that I work with is still life.
Still life is not a huge passion of mine, but it is a good way to fill up my gallery or have something new to submit. The weather were I live has been beautiful, warm and sunny...great for lazing around but not so fabulous for photos, too many harsh shadows and sweaty. Staying indoors to shoot with window light though works amazingly.
This morning I tried out Youtube streaming for the first time. I streamed my entire still life shoot and explained the whole thought process towards what I was doing. I went in without much planned, and you get to see me come up with ideas on the spot and tweak things and even sometimes have ideas fail.

Please watch and let me know if there is anything I can do to improve future streams. I would really appreciate any feedback.

I think I might also do a recording of the entire computer process from image selection to editing. I would really like to show the entire process for anyone who is interested in this genre of photography!

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wow its really very awesome and beautiful photography

Thanks so much 😊