The Daily Contest: Something Red

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Hey people of steem,

So those markets... It is a little better today but there has been a lot of red lately. But that is not going to slow us down. For today's contest I want a photo of something red. I will pick the nicest photo or two as the winners plus some random ones. There will be three upvotes for the winners and a bunch of runner-ups.

Plus you have to resteem this post... please :)

Go team

And any help following my new twitter or retweeting this contest is appreciated. The goal is 100 people this week.



RED CHILIS, a random shots from the market that caught may attention aside from the color, i was amazed beacuse it was too many. 😁

Not just for the red but the lighting :)

Woww! Thank you so muck @whatageek! 🤗

My entry to the competition

This type of dragonfly Ruddy darter is quite rare. This picture was taken 07.16.2018 20 kilometers from the city of Rivne, Ukraine.

Thank you so much @whatageek ! I tried to be in time, but I did not expect such a result. Here all the photos are wonderful!

My entry
Wire, pillers, art, night, red.


Looks like a sci fi novel cover.

Old school phone booth in South Africa.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-21 at 01.23.09.jpeg

I like your reflection in it.
80% upvote :)

Thanks for the upvote. My reflection also says thanks ;)

Fire Truck GCBA 6/32 Jelcz from Poland :)

Nice shadowing.

Its my fire truck. Pretty but powerfully :)

A ladybug without dots in my garden. Some people say that it is very rare...

No spots on its back.

My entry: Cryptos in Red

Resteemed btw

lol yeah thats red.

One of the best red photos of mine! :) Resteemed

Wow... where is that?

It's in Estonia. I took the picture in an old slaughter house at small village called Sutlema.

lol not too creepy :p.
Thank you for the entry.

My entry: My red lips!


Greetings from Venezuela!!!

More reddish orange, but here you go!

I like it :)

here is such a fiery red beauty in my garden

great contest, here is my entry:

Red Lambo because I'm waiting for steem to moon

lol arn't we all

Water Volcano\nLisbon, Portugal\n*upvoted, resteemed and following on Twitter\n😉\n\n

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Here is my entry:
Selfie Red Me

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Thanks for the post :)

Just today I made a publication where this beautiful hibicus appears, taken at the Estancia Art Center - Venezuela. You can visit to confirm that the photo I took, here in the link of the publication ... and so you can review my blog 😉



Red currant for competition

Hi @whatageek, thank you for creating this fun contest.

This fruit basket is called "RAMBUTAN", which means hairy. Its hairy from the outside while inside is a sweet fruit similar to lychee. It is so popular here in the Philippines during the harvest season from August to November. This basket was a gift from a friend, fresh harvest from their farm.
Hope you like it. 😊😊

Thank you so much! 😊

Just the perfect thing...
From a shoot I did a while back :) Red's also my Fave color as you can see on my DP :P

Thank you for the entry

the beautiful flower

See Zinnia Beauty at Night.😂

My entry #01
Caripe/ Sucre-Venezuela.


This is My entry 😊


This is our wild grape, a very beautiful ornamental plant.
In the fall, its leaves turn a red.



Tasty and red


Krasovlaska :)

Have got a touch of Red


Class of '18 Finalist cultural day event at the department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Mapoly, Nigeria.

Hi. Regards..
Here my image for the entrance to this contest.
It is a cute Christmas ornament designed to decorate light suiches.

Hi! everyone this is my entry for this contest. This was taken at a ACDC concert in Argentina in 2009.

The Arabian Strawberry
Not so sweet but I love it
That is really good for my health
Red representing love to the best.

My entry#2
My own plant Red Periwinkle


Late evening sun

Marin County, California

Some red berries in contrast with the green leaves!!


Planta amarilis la flor de navidad.

My record №2 Bee flies to the red flower DSC07225.JPG

You won't see the sky as red again ;)


i also like and my passion is photography

46493155_10156448082697713_1313480185428836352_n.jpg Flores de pascua en mexico

Simply beautiful.


The hotpot of China

Your click is such a beautiful...

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All I see is RED

A red and beautiful ferrari... :)


eet Yashraj Rautela , my baby bro who would make his classmates cry

My Red Car will go on the red market. 😊😊😊


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