The Daily Contest: Something Red

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Hey people of steem,

So those markets... It is a little better today but there has been a lot of red lately. But that is not going to slow us down. For today's contest I want a photo of something red. I will pick the nicest photo or two as the winners plus some random ones. There will be three upvotes for the winners and a bunch of runner-ups.

Plus you have to resteem this post... please :)

Go team

And any help following my new twitter or retweeting this contest is appreciated. The goal is 100 people this week.



RED CHILIS, a random shots from the market that caught may attention aside from the color, i was amazed beacuse it was too many. 😁

Not just for the red but the lighting :)

Woww! Thank you so muck @whatageek! 🤗

My entry to the competition

This type of dragonfly Ruddy darter is quite rare. This picture was taken 07.16.2018 20 kilometers from the city of Rivne, Ukraine.

Thank you so much @whatageek ! I tried to be in time, but I did not expect such a result. Here all the photos are wonderful!

My entry
Wire, pillers, art, night, red.


Looks like a sci fi novel cover.

Old school phone booth in South Africa.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-21 at 01.23.09.jpeg

I like your reflection in it.
80% upvote :)

Thanks for the upvote. My reflection also says thanks ;)

Fire Truck GCBA 6/32 Jelcz from Poland :)

Nice shadowing.

Its my fire truck. Pretty but powerfully :)

A ladybug without dots in my garden. Some people say that it is very rare...

No spots on its back.

My entry: Cryptos in Red

Resteemed btw

lol yeah thats red.

One of the best red photos of mine! :) Resteemed

Wow... where is that?

It's in Estonia. I took the picture in an old slaughter house at small village called Sutlema.

lol not too creepy :p.
Thank you for the entry.

My entry: My red lips!


Greetings from Venezuela!!!

More reddish orange, but here you go!

I like it :)

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