Climbing the Austrian mountains

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Everything started with the idea of staying a bit with my parents… so I decided to go with them in Austria to spend a week together. The day after of my arrival the weather changed in a crazy way but seriously crazy that… well I woke up last Sunday and everything was white… yes guys was snowing like there was no tomorrow.

That day I couldn’t do anything at all if not staying in the hotel as everything was blocked because the snow but as the temperature raised in the following days, I decided to go on the top of the mountain of Bad Gastein where there was still snow but mainly it was melted as the temperature was so high that was melting it.

There were 3 ways to go up:

  • Going by a cableway;
  • hiking and walking quite few time;
  • Biking.

Being lazy and not having the bike I decided to go up with my mom using the cableway that toke us up to 2300 meters. We went there thinking it was supposed to be very cold but instead I was with t-shirt and the sun was so strong that I burned my arms and neck LOL.

Upstairs there were so many people walking around, walking, taking picture, speak Austrian that is a language I cannot understand/speak… but it was nice anyway as I went then to drink a beer on the balcony facing the valley and then I could tan myself.

As attractions there was a flying bridge where for every step someone was doing the bridge was shaking… then there were several benches where to chill out and relax; there was a platform where you could admire all the mountains around you, there was a telescope with a display built in that was telling how tall where some of the mountains around you.

I hope you enjoyed my post and the photo and much more will come 🙂

Kind regards,


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Yes I like it. Its very amazing to go climbing the mountaint with who we loves. We get the nature, get the fresh air, get the loves, get the close and certainly get the happiness. Proud of you and so brave. God bless you @webdeals.


thanks a lot :)

Yes I liked it a lot. Though I am shocked to know that it was so hot even after snowfall.


cheers :)

Salzburg is a beautiful state in Austria - we are going there for skiing in our winter holidays. It's nearly as beautiful as Carinthia, where I am living ;)
And we speak "Austrian" and not "German" which is quite different in many words and phrases ;)


sorry buddy for me it seems German... I ll amend immediately and I can't understand the difference listening as I don't understand both languages :)


Of course, I do know that and I did not mean it that serious. Sorry, I did not want to bother you.


no worries it is correct that you made the point my friend :) It is the same when we Italians speak our language and people are constantly saying we are spanish or speaking similar.

Hats off to your daring and enthusiasm. Keep up the good work..

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thanks a lot :)

Sounds great! I have made a similar experience with the weather in the alps, which is crazy. I've once been to Switzerland and went hiking. There was new snow the day before so we expected it to be really cold. But when we were on the mountain it was super sunny and warm. We ended up with the worst sunburn..


ahahah happened to me too... was hot even with the snow around and I had the sunburn