The Seven Day B&W Challenge - Day 2

in #photography4 years ago


The challenge roles:
7 black & white images that represent an aspect of your life
Present one image every day for seven days
No people
No explanation
Nominate someone every day. Although anyone can join in
Use the tag: #sevendaybnwchallenge as one of your five tags
#sevendaybnwchallenge 作为其中的一个标签

It is my honour to be the nominated by my buddy @fr3eze. I was recently preparing my exam hence did not get connected with people here for awhile.
I'm going to nominate the a friend from steemit community @lovemyson

感谢基友@fr3eze 永不放弃的试图把我拉回 steemit的圈子 前阵子因为考试而没时间上来社交 还好大家没把我丢弃


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