Photography Adventure, My Journey Has STARTED Today..

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Hello fellow steemians, after being on steemit for some time since January this year, I am glad to be in my tenth month as a steemian.

I have learnt a lot from who have been there for me in up voting, commenting, and even resteeming my posts.

I want to say a big " Thank you a trillion"

I have decided to go another side of steemit and mainly I will be doing photography and just a bit of written content for my other followers.

I have discovered that it is nice to know what you want and take a step to do it.

I also discovers the I am not a good Writter but can invest majorly my talent in photography. I am not all that talented in it, but still learning and I will welcome all ideas from all angles and directions.

I take my sincere gratitude to @teamuganda and all others who did a great work of steemit promos in Uganda like @jaraumoses and others. You guys are great and you love from the heart.

If you have been following my previous posts, its been a long time since I posted something long like this!

So, to kick the ball rolling, its my pleasure and I have been inspired by fellow steemians who discovered their niche way back and I am going to go also their direction.

Today I started from what i s around me and I took pictures of our dog. I have also edited somehow so as to make art.

My Camera is a NIXON, with Normal exposure 2896×1944.I have and will be using an editor known as NEW VERSION PHOTO EDITOR, you can also find it on google play store!

Here is the first pictures I took for my Dog in different positions.
Check the head,


I held the camera while I took the photographs and that is the reason I am not seen!


I just majored on the dog because i want to perfect my styles.


The original colour is white spots mixed with brown colour. Its a nice and playful dog and some how convincing it to sty calm was kind of hectic.


Here, she is relaxing down looking at me, I just woke her up from sleep!


So, that is how the journey has started. In case, you find this article great, you can resteem to reach a bigger audience.

Thank you,

Much love, fun and adventure on your steemit journey.


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Nice pictures.
I think you have a passion for dogs?

Ya, definately @musemeza

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