Sunrise in the Mountain of Switzerland

in photography •  2 years ago 


One of the most enjoyable things in life are sunrises in the mountains of Swierzland

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great photo. love how the rays of light fall across the valley.

Thank you very much :)

It is such a beautiful picture!

Thanks buddy!^^

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haha thank you very much :D

Hi @vlone99., it's a magical sunrise... perfect!!!

yeah this was all about timing, was allot of work but definitly worth it :D

Great photo! I love Switzerland

Thanks haha, yeah switzerland is great :D

Stunning photo, the sun rays are great.

Thank you soo much^^

I am also a big fan of sunrises (and sunsets). Amazing photo - thank you for sharing @vlone99!

Me too^^, Thanks for the nice comment :D


great photo. @awan55

Thank you very much @awan55

nice pict !

Thanks dawg^^

Oh nice! <3

Thanks ^^

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thats a special sunrise. Wow. Good job!

Thank you very much ^^

This photo is absolutely amazing! Great color, great composition, great edit! Keep it up! You are talented!!

Wow thank you soo much for the nice comment, i appriciate that :D

beautiful photo, I am following you because I love photography, would be kind if you can follow me back and reciprocate.

wow thank you so much for the nice comment and the resteeming^^, for sure i followed u back, have a wonderfull day :D

I like your photos :-) btw , i am new here on steemit :-)

thank you very much, hope u will have a great start and a nice journey here on stemmit :D

Hello @vlone99 this is beautiful sunset. Maybe your post may not immediately get a lot of upvoted but I believe your continued hard work and effort will makes you success.

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Bro thank you soo much for the nice comment, wish u an amazing day :D

Great photo - the landscape is incredible in Switzerland!

@vlone99 I have seen Alps in Austria and in Italy. Love them. I always envy people living in Alps :)

Beautiful <3

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Amazing composition and colour! I love sunsets .... but this sunrise is magnificent :)

un hermoso paisaje! saludos desde Venezuela!