It feels like Spring Some Days..

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Spring 🌻

Spring time in Colorado is a bit strange for me. I really enjoy the warmer days because those are days I want to be outside and shoot some photos. Perfect weather, perfect lighting.(If done in the right time.)
And I like not being cold. 🤓

1/4000 sec f/ 3.2 ISO280

The Snow ❄️

Now don’t get me wrong I also enjoy the snow. Making sure to wear the proper clothes is very important. Especially since I’m not used to the cold weather. Even though it’s cold, it’s still a great time to shoot.

iPhone 8 Plus

What do you prefer?


Great photos! Thanks for this post!

Thank you 😊

Beautiful and amazing photos😍😍 i love it ane thanks for this post

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Great shots both. I love how the focus is drawn into the center of the first one. I definitely prefer the warmer weather. Thank you for sharing!!!