Creating my own Animated images ( Cinemagraph )

in #photography7 years ago (edited)
Cinemagraph are still photos in which there is small movement of objects giving us the illusion of movement in a still photo
It's like a combination of photo and video together
Cinemagraph can be achieved through these two softwares
* Plotograph
* Photoshop cs5/6 Extended version
If you need a pro version effect then above mentioned is a must, i don't have neither of these. So with the help of some android apps and my old pics, created a similar effect. It might not be that good but it's close enough. When i became a pro at this, will make a tutorial post on how to do it without any need of the heavy software. Till then enjoy my first attempts and let me know how it is
These are in GIF format,so it might take a few mins to load it properly(in motion)

Night sky

If you go through some of old posts, you will know how i was able to create this kind of background.If you're interested then do check it out


Rage of the Dark knight

So this is like my chlldhood imagination because the structure which i used is from my hometown. Batman in my town lol. Cool isn't it ? currently its my wallpaper


Invasion of the Kyrptonian (superman)

Well this is just in making, so ignore the flaws in it. Superman landing with the sky fall effects lol.Anything can happens in the imagaintion right XD


Hope you guys enjoyed it, if you did then please upvote it. Thank you :)


Really cool...

Some cool stuff there! Nice 👍🏻

Thanks for checking out :)

Really cool, @vishal09! I love your creativity! I wish I had more time in my day to play around with some of the stuff you are writing about. It sounds like it would be easy enough to do if I just spent some time with it. For now I will just have to enjoy your cool works.

I've upvoted and resteemed this article. I found the link for it in #unmentionables.

I would be glad to see you playing with these around @mitneb :) if you did or tried then let me know
and thanks for checking out my post>

You're welcome, @vishal09! And I will let you know for sure if I do. My favorite one is the batman against the cloudy grey sky.

Wowww !!! Awesome Work !!!

Thank you for the kind words :D

Pleasure! :)

super wow wow

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