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Hi all i am visiting a garden in my tropical plains area i took it about a week ago, this is the picture.there field empty in growing interest very small this, I photographed by using my camera.


This is incredibly rare, where this plant only grow at the time of the rainy season and only able to live in the tropics



How lucky I am to be able to capture this moment, not necessarily if I visit that place will find a moment like this again

This time I share my pictures, I am very fond of taking pictures, I photographed with CAMERA DSLR CANON EOS 600D LENSA CANON EF-S 60mm f / 2.8 USM MACRO, you can see the results are satisfactory, maybe this terlihay not good because II still have alot to learn about photography and I am sure there will be a result that will be very impressed, sometimes we do not know that around the house there will be a beautiful picture if we are always looking, this is a new field forme and I want to spell it and depth

what the image above looks good? I hope you like it


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Damn it!! I look so Cool xD

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I like your photography. Such vivid colors. Thank you for sharing!

Amazing and wonderful photography, great talent photographer, thank you very much for your sharing to us brother @r2cornell

Photos of beautiful flowers, clear purple color, Congratulations you on select @ r2cornell

Really nice photo provide this platform..

@r2cornell sir really beautiful photography

great fotography friend..thank for sharing @r2cornell

Pretty pics & flowers.

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Lovely shots. Those flowers are so beautiful will love to have one

Great macrophotography!! Very beautiful flowers

excellent photography sir .....

Thank friend

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Very well your flowers photography.
Bestone click @virtaco300cc

Wow..really excellent photography sir. i like you..thanks for sharing

That's my click using a smartphone and looking good reward from steemit that I will able to buy "DSLR Cam". I love photography and visit most of the place and take a picture

awesome photography,,,
it must be praised,,

wow really nice flower. awesome photography. great work steem. thanks for @virtaco300cc