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RE: Running into the Wind

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Once again Denise, this is a beautiful post of words and flowers. :) I'm just wondering if the Steemit world will make it - it's such a shame steem isn't valued more. I probably shouldn't check the price of steem daily!! I've had a lot on my mind lately and some days I'm only inspired to check out my Steemit friends posts and upvote them and/or comment.


I actually never check the price of steem. People will tell me. LOL If you are not doing it to supplement your income, it is less of a worry. Now, don't get me wrong, I won't let it go down so far I lose it all, but, I want to be able to get on here and enjoy the people and places I see without worrying how many pennies I will make.

I finally decided that a greeter at WalMart makes more, so enjoy it or get a part-time greeter job.

I have to believe that there are people like myself who believe in steem and that even if Voice opens, there will be room for several platforms to coexist. Now, that aside, I am going to check out the price of steem. LOL

Have a most wonderful weekend! You are such a kind and thoughtful person who I am happy to have crossed paths with here!


Thank you and I'm happy to have met you here also!

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