Keeping my lines straight #1

in photography •  6 months ago

Another one adds to my album “Keeping my lines straight”. This is the second image to the album.

I am a design student and had studied basic elements of design in detailed in my foundation year. I love to play with the geometric forms and the lines which can be noticed in my work shared earlier here on steemit. I also like to observe artworks and photographs with interesting use of lines, shapes or curves. Sometimes, I wonder when will I be able to create something good with lines and shapes, but couldn’t able to do it yet.

My previous study about lines and shapes stuck at my mind around 2 months back where I suddenly fall in love with such photos. From then on, I am searching for such minimalist and basic photography compositions. So today I have decided that I would be sharing such compositions with you all here. I will find such good frames in my daily life and will be sharing with you under “Keeping my lines Straight” heading.
Don’t worry! I won’t be spamming my blog with shitty photos and will maintain a standard of the photos.


This one is one point perspective.
Shot on iPhone SE
Location: Jaipur
Date: 14th July, 2018

You can check out my first photo here.

Hope you like it.
Thank you!

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