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good job my friend.....this photo very good view,,,what camera you use to captured object..?

Thanks. I was using just an inexpensive Kodak point-and-shoot. I couldn't afford anything better at the time, but it did okay for what I needed. :-)

Wow, that sculpture. At first glance it looks very real, then looking again you notice that it is just metal!

Amazing, isn't it? There are quite a few metal sculptures around Spokane. They seem to like their art. :-)

Nice shot @viking-ventures. When I first clicked on the post link, I thought it was a real man riding a horse. But when the image popped up I realised it was an amazing work of art. Thank you for Sharing...

Thank you! It's a fun piece to be sure. I tried taking pictures of it from the other angle, but this was the one that really popped out - so fitting too when you know some of the stories.

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