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Awesome Work!

I've verified that your photography is original, and that means it's so good that I had to check.

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On the first image, i prefer the It is like some far away beyond an ocean mountain that is molting! The blue tint on the edited one clarifies the 'sky', though.

I agree that I might have over-edited it a little, but it also goes to show how much of photography is in the eye of the artist.

Pulling at my heartstrings with these shots!

Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying the pictures.
Thanks for your visit. I'm from the North Oregon Coast and even used to live in Vancouver, so I know your area well.

waaaauu...amazing photography, i enjoy see you post friend, good luck and success

Thank you! I'm glad you like it. Good luck to you as well.

good view of colourfulphotography👍

Beautiful photography! I enjoyed looking at the photos! I love purple skies, so I do like the edited photo. Thanks for posting!

Cool - Thanks for visiting/commenting. I agree with you, but it's so individual. :-)

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