These are great! It almost makes me wish for snow!

almost? lol.
I just wish ours didn't normally blow away - though it can make the most amazing sculptures at times - like sand dunes of snow.

When I lived in Jackson Hole we would have four feet of snow from October to May. It got so cold we could ride our bikes on top of the snow. We poured water on the roof in the evening and in the morning would climb up and slide off the roof into the snow. It was super fun as a kid but I'm sure I couldn't handle waiting for the bus when it's -35 now! I remember driving through the flat parts of Wyoming and seeing the big wooden barriers next to the freeway trying to keep the snow from accumulating there. What are your temperatures like? You know what mine are like. Ha ha.

Wow. Yeah, we get 77 inches average - but I've only seen about a foot on the ground at once here. It's a little disappointing, really.

No, Jackson Hole can keep the -35. We've seen down to -15 I think, since we've been here - but not for long, thankfully. We have an okay growing season. (Not much shorter than west of the Coast Range, lol.) We get up to around 100F in the summer, briefly. Maybe a couple of days. Not bad.

We don't get so much rain either. :-p
Believe it or not, I've found a place rainier than Astoria - Wales... It was so wet and cloudy that my daughter (2 at the time) took a look at the golden orb in the sky one day and asked: "What's that?"

That's awesome! In Jackson we had 28 frost free days in a year. I was too young to care at the time, but I think about it now and shudder. I complain about not being able to grow tomatoes outside! Snow is all fun and games until you really have to get somewhere....

I love snow, but I also like being able to do things - like growing things. Yeah, that growing season is simply too short.
Where you are is so much nicer.

You could always wander back this way someday, where the winter is always green! Only occasionally white.

We toy with the idea sometimes, esp as my husband isn't as fond of the snow as I am. Problem is, everyone else likes the coast too - it's a LOT more expensive than Wyoming! Well, at least in our area - nothing is as expensive as Jackson Hole!

If we do come back, it would probably be Clatskanie, I guess. Maybe as far as Rainier. I don't want to be on the lower flats, really... too scary if the big one hits in our lifetimes.

I'd really like to be able to inherit my Aunt/Uncle's farm in Brownsmead, but I don't think that's very likely, unfortunately.

I love looking at pictures of snow from the warmth of my desk...LOL!

Gorgeous shots, @viking-ventures! I hope the snow gods are kind. 😊

Thank you! Only a little snow in the forecast at the moment, but we can get it into May.

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