very beautifull!

So pretty! I always enjoy seeing your photos. =)

Thank you very much!

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Nice photos! I've always been to scared to try and touch up my photos. I just let the Google assistant suprise me!

o.m.g. - that just scares the living daylights out of me, lol.
(That's almost scarier than dog-earring that music...)

Anyway, if you have a PC to work with, you can download Photoscape (free!!!) and follow along with me. It's also what I used to heavily edit today's photo post... the original had very little color to it, and we can argue whether I might have done too much with it, but it's definitely a lot more colorful and brighter!

Haha, I love having AI work it's magic, I really am a tech nerd at heart!

Maybe I will give the photoscape a try, although part of the problem is that I have no eye for colour or visual things...

But most of it is simple - do you like it better or worse? At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal taste - and a degree of experimentation. My own edits have changed a lot over the years.

As for AI magic... I'm never quite sure... Sure, you can program a computer to perform a piece of music perfectly, but does it give the feel or je ne sais quoi of a real performance? or the same satisfaction of playing it?

Nope, but the AI will better than a person with no skill and questionable taste in colour!

My wife doesn't let me dress the kids (choosing the clothes) . In fact, the older one stopped asking me to choose her clothes a long time ago!

You could just say that you're colorblind and get out of it this way... :-p

I say, give it a try, but if your wife and daughter tell you to stop, that's the game for you, lol.

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