Garden of Memories

in photography •  8 months ago


"Somewhere only we know"

Heya Peeps! Tori here. In this photo, I want to show how I attain clear my mind and focus on my body and my mind. People sometimes create a place where they can be calmed and feel soothing and they call it their "happy place". For me, I go to our garden whenever I find myself in a situation where I should calm down because it's the only place that lets me be calm and free of pressure. It's somewhat special to me because I feel like I'm always under pressure and I can't stop but doing what I'm supposed to be doing and it's where I release all those energies and feel mentally refreshed. My advice to you always find time for yourself because it's what makes us sane.

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Everyone need a place they can go and calm down. I'm glad you have this nice place to go! :)