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"Break the chains"

Cross the paths of tomorrow,
make a better outcome of today,
seize the day without sorrow,
go to the path that leads the way.

Overcoming the boundaries,
be better than before,
live to tell the stories,
live to tell the lore.

Heya peeps! This was taken at a beach resort in the Philippines! The resort itself is aesthetically pleasing and perfect for someone who loves to relax in the sun. The picture's story tells us about a person who has overcome his limitations and pushed forward to break from them. Every person has their limitations, but some of them can be surpassed. Let us not hinder ourselves from achieving our goal, keep striving hard and push through so that you may able to grasp what it is that you desire.


Victoria L.

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That thing in the middle is very colorful! Looks like a nice resort. I like the beach!

Yep, we can overcome many of our limitations and accept the rest as part of life. We just have to be smart enough to know what we can change and what we have to live with. Gotta reach out and try to grab what we want though. Strive and a lot of time we'll get exactly what we want or even more!