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Heya Peeps! I just want to thank everyone for supporting me and I will keep posting photos as soon as I can. This picture depicts a girl who stands alone in this world, heartbroken from the now fragmented promises which kept haunting her, shoved away by passion only to become adequate, and persists to her belief even though people never minded her demise. What should she do?

Comment down below what should she do next.


Victoria L.

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This is a creative work of photographic art! The girl should continue to develop herself into the best she can be, and not be concerned about what anyone else thinks of her. People will know and understand her true value, in time. Some promises do get broken but some things work out much better than expected, so keep being passionate and things will work out for this girl! :)

I love all your posts so much, you seem like a beautiful transformed soul with the most amazing vibes ever (and that's just what I get from your blog!) My question for you is how you began your journey through all of this. I'm incredibly attracted to meditation and yoga and all this wonderful-ness, and want to be immersed in all of it, but i find myself lost before i even attempt to. Do you have any advice? Namaste, brother :)