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Heya Peeps! Tori here! In this photo, I want to talk about certain issues that concern the environment. In status quo, people have taken for granted the place where they live in which is the planet Earth. Many predicaments have arisen from humanity's misdeeds and only a few or maybe more have taken a step to ensure its survivability. To fully realize its potential, people should all put into their minds how extremely relevant our environment is. People just go about their lives thinking that if they aren't suffering from any insufficiencies then they shouldn't even care, this selfish act can destroy the hope of humanity of ever continuing its existence. If people wouldn't care, we wouldn't see the blue skies ever again.


Victoria L.

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We do need to care about the environment. We all share this Earth and there is nowhere else to go, at least not yet. I don't like to see people throw garbage on the ground outside and I pick up trash when I see it near my house. We have to keep our world clean!


Couldn't agree more!
It's our responsibility to keep this earth clean and safe since we only have one. This earth is getting old day by day. So let's stop littering and rubbishing our environment.

Lindo @victorialegen... Gracias por compartir.