Postcards from 50s-60s

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In the archive there were not only author's photographs, but also postcards with photographs. Several postcards are especially interesting, since they were not made in Russia.
One postcard from Finland

It's very close to St. Petersburg, where it does not surprise. The rest of the more distant places, apparently from a trip to Germany. Two made in Leipzig,

but photos of other places

Do not disassemble Altenhoin or Altenhein. And the second - Dresden. I even recognized the place, although not immediately

Another German postcard imprinted the destroyed Reichstag in Berlin.

The last postcard is the most interesting, including that in color. Beautiful!!

On the backside it is written:
"Bern: Kirchenfeldbrücke mit Bundesplast
Berne: Le Pont du Kirchenfeld et le Palais federal"
And handwriting

Translated as: "Katyusha, on this bridge I often go shopping in the center". I do not know who wrote this.
The old archives are full of beautiful and mysterious!

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