Again polar bears

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As planned once a week I will show old photos, this time I will continue about bears.
To begin with household photos.

Wintering type with platea I quote the signature from the back side.
Where is it? Maybe you know the place?

_ "After the snowstorm" _
Today's Petersburg reminds a little, to be honest - there is a lot of snow too.
And now bears themselves:

_ "Posing" _
Let me remind you that these are very small photos, and they are not of very high quality, but Photoshop allows to pull out the contrast nicely, so you see better than it is in the original on paper.

_ "Attempt to escape" _
Apparently, this is the bear, which we saw last time, you can see the leash. The black dot in the center - as I would like to consider its UFO - is just an artifact of photo printing.

-Hunting more than bondage-
Is it a bear catching something?

And, finally, the most dynamic frame, expressive:

_Mom finally broke up! (Still! These lousy dogs and angels will withdraw from patience.) _
Wow! The quality of the frame is not very good, but still a lot of things turned out clearly and sharply - just great! I would not want to be there next!
Why on old black-and-white frames everything turns out quite differently, as in modern photos? Even the dynamics is completely different, as in the last photo.

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