The Fall Is My Season [Photography]

in #photography22 days ago (edited)


"The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, don't go back to sleep."

Recently I moved from the capital, my birth town, to the eastern village, historically and contemporary very insignificant. Yet, spiritually so inspirational. As my birthday foretell coming of the Fall season, my soul starts to catch its vibrant colors and makes enormous switch. Foggy mornings and cool breeze can really make you feel existence after so many coasy warm days. Moving from the gray old town, surrounded by the people who hate the rain, the fog, the sun, falling leaves, trees, and who knows what else, and switching my perspective more close to the nature resulted with peace and love deep inside my soul. One would say I have no life. I do not own anything, I do not have the job, my diploma is not appreciated so much, and yet my food is growing in the garden, my mind is blooming with creativity and ideas, and my soul is full. And then, after all this stress and struggles, I stopped. Finally I found the balance I was craving for so long.

Have a wonderful autumn for you who live in the northern belt. Have an amazing ripping season.

With love, @vee.nathalee