And then this happens!!

in #photography6 months ago

A warm smile..
A sweet text on my phone..
I like your style..
You make me feel known..

Then at times we are quiet..
And I miss you..

And this happens!!


Yes, sometimes you trouble..
You make me frown..
But then I flash through your messages..
Feels good when I'm down..

Then I cherish the moment..
And I miss you...

And this happens!!


Sometimes thinking about you..
Makes my eyes wet..
I turn around to see..
Where is my lost regret..

Then you call me to say 'Hello'..
And I love you..

Because this happens!!


My friends say I'm such a fool..
Why should I be sad..
When my life is cool..
Looking back nothing's bad..

Afterall it happens to most..
To the best..
The worst..

Since, it happens!!

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