Flowers of the Spring

in photography •  2 years ago

Here are couple of flowers scenes taken back in May.

May here in Finland was quite cold and even snowy snowy, but still there were nice days, like during the May Day, first of May, there were many beautiful flowers in the forest.

The shots are taken with Huawei P9 smartphone dual canera, without a tripod. I'm really happy with the smartphone and it's camera. It's great secondary camera. I wonder if P10 has even better?

Flowers of Spring

Cherry Tree Blossom

Here is my earlier post about drone photography:

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Sooo beautiful flowers, especially the first one with that deep indigo blue. Tomorrow is #saturdayindigo on my #colorchallenge. Would you like to participate? Just only thing: use this two tags above.

Lovely pictures, very colorful :-)



great pics!

Look at my flower pictures - i hope you like them! :)


I looked, awesome photos, followed

Nice captures @valhallaa, up-voted and followed!