Travel to Burgas (1) - A beautiful City

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Two weeks of Beach and Beauty

Steemians - I think I could call for a Beachweek or Sunvacation tag instead of only Beach Wednesday and SunThursday here during my stay in the most beautiful City of Bulgaria - Varna is not bad too I know. Burgas has its own culture and flavour and is not full of the usual tourists which go either to Suny Beach or Golden Beach. Here you meet mainly Bulgarians and some lost Brits and guys from the Nordics.


Some facts about Burgas

Burgas is officially the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and number four in Bulgaria with a population of around 210,000 inhabitants. The city is very important as industrial, transport, cultural and tourist centre (mainly as of the airport for tourists travelling to Sunny Beach).

Burgas has the largest port in in the country and is the center of the Bulgarian fishing and fish processing industry. The most important thing though it is the home of my wife and my normal destination every year to relax. I still can not really speak the language but I do fine in daily life talks at least.


In terms of culture Burgas is considered as the city with the most creative artists and also hosts annual national exhibitions and international festivals. Some western Rock Bands usually have their gigs here in the theatre of lovely sea garden - I saw WASP last year for example (or was it 2016 - not sure). When I visited Burgas the first time I saw a lot dirt and ruins but I am glad to see a lot has improved here during the last years. I will report more about some historic and other facts soon here too.

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Nice pictures. Bulgaria is in general nice. I haven't visited the seaside yet, but cities are nice. Burgas looks cool.


Seaside is awesome and country side has some real treasures as well - I lack a bit country side visits yet :-).

Suess deine Kleine ;)
Die Stadt kannte ich ehrlich gesagt bisher noch nicht - hoert sich aber toll an.. und 2 Wochen Strand - nicht schlecht ;)

the most beautiful City of Bulgaria

Yes. @uwelang

Burgas is beautiful!


The video shows Sunny Beach which is full of tourists only - the city of Burgas is totally different.


The video shows Sunny Beach which is full of tourists only - the city of Burgas is totally different.


Schöne Fotos, da wäre ich jetzt auch gerne am Meer :) Viel Spaß in Burgas und gutes Wetter. In Wien regnet es seit gestern nur noch.


Merci - ja - ich bin Donnerstag aus dem regnerischen München raus und es scheint dort immer noch keine Sonne. -aber es war heiss genug diesen Sommer.

Such a amazing place . Your baby is so cute . Beautiful photography . Thanks for sharing @uwelang

@uwelang, In my opinion the Beachweek was an perfect tag and for sure it would add that different touch for sure, and in my opinion if we explore some specific places then it would sound great if we use the specific tags.

And in my opinion you've captured some beautiful pictures and these pictures are saying that you had amazing travel time. And when we visit some breathtaking places that becomes an great Memory.

And many prefer beaches to spend their holidays and vacations and that is because, it's an perfect place for an Vacationand also greatest natural piece.

And good to hear some informative facts too. So keep up this awesome work and hope and wish that you will going to get more amazing opportunities to explore more beautiful places.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Haha, thanks for such a long comment, appreciate it - I might indeed use beachweek. -does not harm anything :-)


Ha ha. Welcome and thank you. 🙂

In Bulgaria I have been only to Varna, but Burgas also seems like a very nice place to have holiday. I think I should put it on my bucket list for one of my future trips.


You should - but wait until you have read more about Burgas.

Better beautiful place .so cute baby .....lovely photoshoot..📷

Burgas is beautiful city & Burgas is perhaps the most naturally beautiful place in the world.

My opinion:
If you visit Burgas, make sure to visit their Escape the Room center "Burgas Escape" - it's the largest one in Bulgaria, it's cheap and entertaining for groups of friends and family!

However, spectacular view @uwelang and nice captured.
Have a good day.

WOW! Really extraordinary beach view @uwelang and nice shots/photography.

But also if you come in November, you can enjoy the annual summer festival - Spirit of Burgas - this yeas's headliner is Robbie Williams!
Thank you.


Wrong! Robbie Williams was headliner 2015 - the festival never takes place in November, always was in summer - but is now not taking place anymore due to lack of interest among the Bulgarian promoters.

My fevorite town ! I love it! Soon I will come :) Cool pictures,but now is even better.
Браво ,много хубаво photography . Поздравления. Другият път трябва обаче да има снимки и от времето след ремонта :)

Beautiful girl in the beautiful city 😄

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Yes , i agree with you

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Nice post i like it awesome and thank you to share with us

Great.. Very cute cute baby. The place is a lot better. Travel's feelings are different. Better time spent with family is different. Photography is very nice 🙂

What a beautiful place,

interesting article..