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New Leader for my Photography challenges

Hi everyone - as I already indicated in some posts I decided to delegate the Photography Challenges I created here on steemit to one of the most talented ladies across this platform which is a perfect fit for both SunThursday and BeachWednesday.

From this week onwards @lizanomadsoul is responsible for leading and driving both and I think she has already some innovative ideas / changes in mind. Please follow her and continue to contribute all your great photography and other visuals for the challenges.

Thanks again for making this a very fun experience - we have some great talent here on the platform. I still might contribute to some challenges if I may find time.

Just thought to show some of my personal highlights I could show you in the last months. Now over to you Liz!


Well these are some superb shots.
So will Liz now lead #BeachWednesday and #SunThursday?

Thanks - and yes Liz will be your host moving forward!

Thanks for the updates @uwelang... and thanks for being behind some of the community's original "creative challenges!"

Oh! Good, I've seen this now! Thanks to @dutches for reesteeming so I didn't miss it! Thank you @ uwelang for your creativity and your input into the community. Nice photo again!
Going to check on @lizanomadsoul to follow her ...

Thanks you and a big round of applause for all you did to initiate and support these two amazing Steemit challenges! @uwelang👏👏

Sad to know you're leaving those challenges, but I'm sure you have done a great choice by moving it to Liz!! :)

Cool... Hi Liz @lizanomadsoul ! :) All the best!!
Shall follow you...

I love the shots. Feel great to start the day with your outstanding photos. 😊

Das wird Liz ganz toll machen, das weiß ich jetzt schon!

Following Liz! I will adjust the list in my posts too.

Thanks my friend!! I am feel honored to lead those two Photography Challenges and will not let you down with it!! :) More about it coming soon!


Thanks mate


We'll miss you!!!

Upped and Steemed

As long I see you participate then its okay............ beautiful shots by the way. RSD & UPV 😊

beautiful photos! like!

thats a perfect photos...good click

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wow @uwelang nice to such clicks amazing photographs all around.

good looking this picture, naturally

I like it

These photos you took are very nice!